Chapter 1 – Road closed and Snowboarding

March 24, 2006


England – France – Germany – Austria – Italy – Slovenia

Departure Day – Friday 17th March 2006 After 21 months of planning, departure day was finally upon us (and only 3 days behind schedule!). The past few months had been manic but the past two weeks had been ridiculous. I finally finished packing at 0230! Danny had finished around midnight but was back up at 0600 to get finished. Riding past Fleet services on my way to Kent I was overcome by emotion. I don’t know whether it was the relief of finally getting away, thoughts of those I was leaving behind (Great leaving party!) or fear of the unknown, but fortunately, it didn’t last long. I met up with Danny and some other friends – Ash & Neneh Zala – at Oakdene cafe (M26 J2a)and after a bacon butty we finished stickering the bikes ready for a photo shoot with Fast Bikes magazine that afternoon. After the photo shoot we stayed at Kents best B&B courtesy of Mr & Mrs Longstaff (Sossig ‘n’Bubble)who even provided us with an alarm call & breakfast at 0515. On arrival at the Eurotunnel we were shocked to find that, at 63quid, their ‘Turn-up-and-go’ price was almost three times their online price. We caught the ferry. …continued in Chapter 1…