Chapter 5 – Axis of Evil?

June 13, 2006

Turkey – Syria – Iran

This year Turkey is suffering from a greatly reduced number of tourists; something everyone is putting down to the bad publicity surrounding ‘Bird Flu’. As a result of this we were offered a good price for a ‘Blue Cruise’ (Three days & four nights on a Turkish Gulet, sailing from Fethiye to Olympos). We decided to base our decision on the sea water temperature and so rode over to Oludinez for a spot of swimming. The water was chuffin’ freezing and the majority of holidaymakers were clustered around the pools of their beachside hotels. All the menus were in English with ‘Full English Breakfast’ served all day and prices in Sterling (30% higher than in neighbouring Fethiye)

Having decided to skip the cruise we packed up and rode the 70miles to Kas where we spent a day Sea Kayaking. The Kayaking company wanted to shoot some ‘rescue’ video footage so Danny and I volunteered to roll our Kayak over and be rescued and then to rescue an overturned guide. Fortunately the water was a little warmer than it was in Oludinez. …continued in Chapter 6…