Adam Lewis

I got my first bike (Yamaha DT50MX) to ride to college on aged sixteen. Two years later I started road racing and two years after that I joined the British Championship where I spent ten years riding mostly in the 600 Supersport class but also Production, Single Cylinder and the Triumph Speed Triple Challenge. I raced in North America on three occasions and also Northern Ireland and Austria.

I stopped racing at the end of 1997 and two year later bought a Yamaha R1 on which I toured Spain, France and Germany. Paranoid about losing my licence on it, I traded it for a new Suzuki DRZ 400, went trail riding and entered a few enduros. Being 5’4″, I found the DRZ was too big and heavy for competition so traded it for a Gas Gas EC200 which I absolutely adored and spent the next three years riding enduro events in Wales and the south of England. In the middle of that I rode a Yamaha YZF426 in the innaugral year of the Winter Supermoto British Championship along with Danny. I sold the Gas Gas to buy the BMW for this trip.

Professionally, I spent the last twelve years working as a Technical Support Engineer for Stannah Stairlifts. My hometown is Andover, Hampshire, EnglandUK.

Other hobbies include Mountain Biking Snowboarding and Photography.

My Racing Days – photo gallery


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11 Responses to Profiles

  1. Caroline Elkington (Turner) says:

    Hey Adam, Hope Oz is treating you well… We are coming to Oz but you are going the wrong way round! 😉 We are heading to Brissy in September… will be in touch soon, Caroline & Dave

  2. Dave P says:

    Hey hi ho hum,
    Hope it’s all working out & life on the road is good, have a great 2009.

  3. Denise and Peter Lowe says:

    Hi Adam,

    It’s your turn to cook tea and shout a few beers lol 🙂
    Just wondering how and where you are at the moment?
    It was lovely to have met you – i should of gave you one of our fridge magnets to remember us by!! Hope your travel’s are treating you well.

    Kindest Regards,

    Denise and Peter

  4. Bernard Maréchal says:

    Dear Adam,
    According to your chapter 18th, as you explain in paragraph “Refuge”, with a photo of a moutain refuge, on the 27th december 2008 or thereabouts, you met Pierre-Emeric…
    Pierre-Emeric is… was… my nephew, the only and priceless child of Chantal, sister of my wife, and her husband Michel BENTEYN. He was 31 years old…
    He was seen, for the last time, in campo 2, altitude 5500m, on 02 january 2009. Since that, no news. He disappeared… According to the guards of the Park, who thoroughly searched during several days, walking and with helicopter, and questionned dozens of “andinists”, he probably felt from a height of about 1000m on a glacier (Glacier of the Englishmen) situated under the Glacier of Polishes on which he was probably following a direct route, along the edge, toward the summit.
    So you certainly understand that you are one of the last people who had the oportunity of talking with him. And you, especially, due to the fact that you were a specialist of motorbikes. Pierre-Emeric had several motorbikes…
    All that you can let us have : more details of your conversation with him, precise date, photos (with the best possible definition) will be of the highest importance for his parents, who were so distressed, and now are totally overwhelmed, and for the whole family : uncles, aunts, cousins. As we were all very fond of Pierre-Emeric, so dynamic, so enthusiastic and so good fellow.
    I thank you very much in advance for all that you will be able to let us know and, as far as photos are concerner, let us have.
    Yours, very sincerely,
    Bernard Marechal
    PS – If you come in France, be sure that we shall welcome you very warmly. our house is your house, and all other members of the family will do the same. Don’t hesitate !
    Bernard Marechal

    2 voie de la Talonnerie
    33 (0)2 54 44 23 05 (tph & fax)

  5. Graham Pearce says:

    Adam Email for is
    Hope it is of use.

    Safe riding

    The slightly older Graham

  6. Dear Adam L,
    What a brave an exciting journey!. Keep up your spirit!. Will Adam ever the best of health and enjoy your overland journey.

  7. Pierre-Yves MARTIN-QUIENE says:

    Hello Adam,

    Congratulation for your trip, it’s a dream.

    I was a very good friend of Pierre-Emeric you met in Argentina(we call him Piero). I am happy you spend some time with him one year ago. Thanks to your website, you was able to give some informations an pictures to Pierre-Emeric’s family. That’ great.
    He was an extrem people, extrem in all : excellent for studies, and in his work, a real true friend, a very good sportive man, he alway wants reach the best but staying simple. We will never forget him, thanks for your word about him.

    Good luck on the road.
    I am now in China, wuhan, If you want to come, it will be a pleasure to meet you and offer you our home.

    Pierre-Yves (PYMQ)

  8. Adam,
    Do you have a regular email address?
    I am reviewing your site and it is really great an a very big effort I know because I have did nothing with all of my travels and pictures over the years.

    Would like to keep in touch with you. I have friends across the world that might help you with shelter, service, etc.
    If you keep me advised I could possible come and join you for a few weeks later in the year. I have the bike ready KLR650 just need the time to get away from work.
    Michael Jones

  9. Paul McCarthy says:

    Hi Adam:

    Paul here; Ian’s buddy from work. Great stuff. Me very jelous; you very lucky. Safe travels.

    Paul McCarthy

  10. Friend Adam,

    I’m Ani, have read your adventures story & have seen biking pics. It’s fabulous!!. You have used different types of MotorBikes.
    Have you used those heavy duty “Royal Enfield” motorbikes? like
    Bullet 500, ELECTRA 350 CC, STANDARD & CLASSIC 350 CC.
    I have experienced Adventure Motorcycle Tours In India many times. I also guided those guys who want to motorbike adventure rides in Eastern Himalayan region. Amazing India

    • adamlewis says:

      Hi Ani, Yes I have used Royal Enfield. 500cc in the Himalaya and 350cc everywhere else. In fact, I’m currently in Mysore on my 350. Happy New Year

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