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[NB: Map route currently out of date due to a lack of Photoshop]

Route to date – England – ferry to: France – Germany – Austria – Italy – Slovenia – Croatia – Montenegro – Albania – Montenegro – Greece – Turkey – Syria – Turkey – Iran – Pakistan – India – Nepal – airfreight to: Thailand – Cambodia – Laos – Thailand – Malaysia – seafreight to: New Zealand – airfreight to: Australia – seafreight to: East Timor – Indonesia – seafreight to: Malaysia – Singapore – seafreight to: Chile – Argentina – Uruguay – Brazil – Paraguay – Argentina – Chile – Argentina – Bolivia – Peru – Seafreight BMW to Germany; fly to USA and purchase Suzuki DR650 USA(inc Alaska) – Canada – USA – Mexico – Belize – Guatemala – El Salvador – Honduras – Nicaragua – Costa Rica – Panama – Colombia – Ecuador – Peru – Bolivia – Chile – Argentina – Chile – Bolivia – Brazil – French Guiana – Suriname – Guyana – Brazil – Venezuela – Colombia – Airfreight to Miami, USA – East coast USA to Boston (DR650 sold)Fly to UK

(DRZ400) – France – Switzerland – Italy – Slovenia – Croatia – Bosnia & Herzegovena – Montenegro – Serbia – Bulgaria – Turkey – Georgia – Russia (inc Chechnya & Dagestan) – Kazakhstan – Uzbekistan – Tajikistan – Kyrgyzstan – Kazakhstan – Russia (Altai Republic – Siberia – Far Eastern Russia) – Mongolia – Russia – Ukraine – Poland – Germany – Netherlands – Belgium – France

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7 Responses to Route

  1. Werner says:

    Hi Adam!

    We hope you are well and the journey is going strong!

    Greetings from Perth Werner+Claudia

  2. Sarah Lewis says:

    Hiya my friend
    Sounds like you are still having a superb time ! Hope you havent run out of money yet, and i love the new website !
    Take care….SO looking forward to catching up…if of course you come back !
    love Sarah (and Ricky and Holly !) xx

  3. Francis Chin says:

    Hi, didn’t know you were passing Singapore a short while ago until I read the book Adventure Motorcycling by Robert Wicks. I’m reviewing the book for our Web site (, and I’m putting in a mention of both of you riding round the world. Do you have a photo of either of you on your bike with the Singapore scene in the background, that I can use? I saw the pics you posted but they are just generic Singapore scenes. Thanks, Francis Chin

  4. Claudio says:

    Hey buddy

    keep the rubber up! I’ll be back in Switzerland from June 10 on, so if u make over the channel, you r most welcome.

    C U


  5. Frankie Finn says:

    Hey Adam,

    I have been looking everywhere for a way to get in contact with you directly but hopefully this finds its way to you. I would really like to bend your ear about a project that I am working on where I could really benefit from your knowledge and experience. The project includes a ride across America and back via trails and roads as a way to generate donations for cancer research. I have read your story several times and it along with another story called the Tokyo to London Project were the inspiration for the start of my own adventure.

    I understand that everyone leads busy lives but I would really appreciate a little guidance to help me make this ride a reality!

    Thanks and keep up the riding!


  6. Ana Luisa says:

    Hi, Adam, I hope you made to Zacatecas a soon as you want, and hope you don’t have to suffer the cold, well, have a safe trip and the Virgen de Guadalupe guide your way in Mexico. Remember Tepehuanes nigth tacos whith Señora Paca.
    Be safe always.
    Ana Luisa

  7. Nick Jones says:

    Come on son, sort ya map out…..! :oD

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