SWR Special – ‘Bikepacking the Himalaya’

September 9, 2014

14 days – 656km – 7 x 4900m+ passes – endless river crossings – snow – sleet – ice – heat exhaustion – diarrhea – solo – on a bicycle…


The big orange sticker on the cover of Mountain Biking UK staring down at me from newsagents shelf at Heathrow coach station read ‘Welsh Special’. I read it on the way home and shelved it for when the opportunity arose.

Well that opportunity arose in May this year and I spent a week cycling mostly off-road from Coast-2-Coast (Conwy – Port Talbot) in what proved to be a successful first attempt at carrying all my kit ‘bikepacking’ style. I was ready for the Himalaya…

Surly Troll – Ready to Roll…


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Chapter 30 – 2012: A Year in Transition

February 16, 2013

Indian Summer


“Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Delhi International Airport where the time is 0320 and the outside air temperature 36°C (97°F)” …WTF!!!

I was on my way to Manali, set amongst the foothills of the Indian Himalaya where I was to spend the summer working with Blazing Trails Tours as an outrider and ‘trainee’ tour leader.

Happy to be back in Ladakh?….I was on top of the world! (Damon I’Anson photo)

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Chapter 8 – Ladakh: The best motorcycling in the world?

November 11, 2006


For the second time in six weeks I found myself beating my head on the wall of a Sikhs’ Engineering shop. The first had been in Leh when Dannys bottom shock bolt snapped and the second was here in Shimla when I discovered my shock collar was broken.

Mr Swaran Singh was incredibly friendly and eager to help but would not listen. He and his partner attempted several ways to compress the suspension spring in his press but without success, finally declaring “Sorry, it can’t be done”. At this point he listened and when I showed him how to make a tool to compress it safely he shouted “Yes,yes, yes… of course” and immediately set about a steel tube with his gas torch. …continued in Chapter 8…