BMW F650

The bike(s) started life as 2004 BMW F650 GS(s). They are ex- BMW-offroad school bikes and came to us scratched, bent and discounted. Unable to present the following information as I would like (due to website template restrictions) I have prepared .pdf files for the modification lists.

Pre-Departure Bike Modifications.pdf

Post-Departure Bike Modifications.pdf

dsc_0398-my-f650My BMW F650

dsc_0389-gps-bracketGPS Mounting Bracket for braceless handlebars


Jump Start socket and Footrest hanger

dsc_6026-oil-hose Modified Oil Return hose

dsc_6024-stove-tapStove Filling tap

dsc_0395-pannier-framesPannier frames

dsc_6020-toolbox1Tool & Spares boxes

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8 Responses to BMW F650

  1. Gilles Bacon says:

    Hi to both of you

    I met you in Pakistan at the polo events.
    I am now on my way to south America with my motorcycle. I should cross Mexico from California next week

    Maybe we can meet in the south

  2. Stuart and Anita says:

    Hi Adam,

    nice website. we looked for you on the road to Cuzco but you and Bryn must have passed us while we were having lunch.

    Where are you now? We are in Cuzco.

    Stuart and Anita

  3. Kris ["Krusty ..." at ADVrider] says:

    Hi, Adam…

    I followed your link from ADVrider, and am looking forward to pics of your Suzuki DR650SE upgrades, now that you’ve made the switch.

    I hope you have many trouble-free miles, and many more stories to tell…


  4. Great post. I emailed it to a few of my friends who also read it. (We operate a source of high-endBMW tuning goodies and stuff!). Anyways, Keep up the good work!

  5. Morg says:


    do you think it’s a waste of cash to buy a f650gs twin w abs, i mean its hard without generalizing to answer but i guess i just need affirmation before purchase. It just seem that the BMW quality should be there for the extra cash, you know what i mean? All i know is that i want a nice, fun, comfertable, longridingable, reliable, getWhatUpayFor type bike, and i had a BMW car once, where i felt that ‘quality-ooze’ so i kind of look for the same 🙂

    thx for any advice!

    • adamlewis says:

      “It just seem that the BMW quality should be there for the extra cash, you know what i mean?” – You obviously haven’t read my blog!

  6. Eliseo says:

    I am considering to start a long trip around the world. I am your same height and I was worried about seat height.
    What models can you recommend for shorter riders? Will I need to lower the seat?
    Thanks for your help.

    • adamlewis says:

      It’s not so much your height as your leg length. The BMW F650 GS is about the lowest 650 available which is one of the reasons we chose them originally. My DR650 is considerably taller but has a much narrower seat so the height isn’t such a big issue. The seat is the easiest way to lower a bike but consider the comfort factor. A horizontal seat is much more comfortable than one that slopes forward so keep that in mind when modifying your seat. If you can’t get the bike low enough by altering the seat then you’ll have to modify the suspension but to do so properley is expensive. I do NOT recommend using lowering links if you’re going to ride off-road.

      Good Luck!

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